The rush for the best digitalization talent in times of shortage of skilled labour has long since begun. We find the best developers and IT experts for your company who really fit in and will stay with you in the long term.




An average of 500 job advertisements expect a digital talent with an affinity for programming on the Austrian job exchanges. But only a few digital talents are still fighting their way through the jungle of job ads.

According to a recent study by the Chamber of Commerce, around 80% of companies in the IT sector say that they are already feeling the effects of the shortage of skilled workers. This hits medium-sized companies particularly hard. Tenders remain without results despite months of searching. Is it really enough to try your luck with a job advertisement?

The fact is: The best candidates do not apply. They are found.


We combine our expertise in IT and new technologies with a network of thousands of the best IT talents. Therefore, we promise you:

We will find the A-players you are looking for!

You can't teach employees to smile. They have to smile before you hire them.

Arte Nathan

Your benefits

We are convinced that professional competence alone is not enough to fill a good position. Our goal is that people are happy in their working lives and identify absolutely with their respective activities. Only then is a position well filled and forms the best breeding ground for your long-term business success.

Save the time of scanning hundreds of applicant profiles

Through a selection process perfectly tailored to your needs, we also find the A-level candidates who are not actively looking for a job and offer you only 100% suitable candidates for the position.

Find the right employee quickly and accurately

Thanks to our software and KPI-driven headhunting process and our large network of thousands of IT experts, we can present you with precisely tailored candidates after just 14 days.

Hire IT experts at market rates

Through our broker function and specific salary studies, we ensure that you and the candidate agree a fair salary that is appropriate for the position.

Find qualified specialists for your requirements

Based on your requirements, we find IT experts with key skills from our network and present you with exactly the specialists you need.

Not only technically top, but also humanly a match

Our candidate evaluations not only take into account the professional expertise, but also the cultural fit between your company and the candidates. In this way, we ensure that we present you with the candidates who are a perfect match for you.

How we find the best for you

Initial consultation

In advance, we clarify the technical and personal requirements of the position to be filled in a joint discussion. This enables us to take your ideas into account in the best possible way in the search.

Talent Sourcing

Based on the jointly developed candidate profile, we search the active and passive candidate market for a potential match. Our network includes thousands of IT professionals who are open to new challenges.


All candidates undergo General Ability and personality tests. A technical industry specialist checks the professional competence. You get access to pre-interviews and references.


We are personally available to advise you in the decision-making process. A 3-month guarantee of re-placement ensures your success. Optionally we also offer a success guarantee of 12 months.

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